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Combo - Dispenser + 24 Chargers

24 Cream Chargers & Dispenser The starter packs contain a whipped cream dispenser and the nitrous oxide refill chargers to go with it. The benefit of buying both together is that you can save on postage also if the items are for a gift you’ll know that the recipient will get everything they need to start making luscious whipped cream as soon as their package arrives. As with all items for sale at creamchargers.org.uk you can benefit from our guaranteed next-working-day delivery service. There are also Saturday delivery options if that Is more convenient for you. This product contains a 0.25 litre whipped cream dispenser and 24 whipped cream chargers.

Combo - Cream Dispenser + 48 Chargers

Whipped cream dispenser and 48 cream chargers

Combo - Dispenser + 96 Chargers

96 Cream Chargers and Cream dispenser The starter packs are designed for convenience and economy – they include everything you need to make whipped cream in a single package. This item contains 96 x 8gm cream chargers and a 0.25L whipped cream dispenser. As with all products at creamchargers.org.uk when you order a starter pack you benefit from our 24 hour delivery guarantee – all orders placed before 117.30 hrs. will arrive the next working day. Saturday delivery is also available (surcharge applies)

Combo - Dispenser + 200 Chargers

Cream Chargers Starter pack – whipper and 200 nitrous refills A cream charger starter pack contains everything you need to get the most out of your whipped cream dispenser. When you purchase a starter pack you can be assured that all of the components are compatible and take advantage of savings in shipping and delivery costs. This starter pack contains 200x 8gm cream chargers and a 0.25L dispenser. The nitrous refills (chargers) are our premium quality brand and the dispenser is available in a choice of colours


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Cream Chargers Starter packs include a whipped cream dispenser and cream chargers - saving you money on delivery.

There are two vital bits of kit that you'll need to get whipping - the cream chargers and the whipped cream dispenser.

Save money by buying both of them together in one of our starter packs. Cheeky Monkey Cream Chargers offers the best value cream supplies available in the UK.

Each starter pack contains a whipped cream dispenser and nitrous oxide cream chargers. They are all that you need in order to get whipping and make ideal gifts. The larger starter packs will give long lasting cream supplies.

Extra cream chargers are available and if you are buying them together then the shipping costs will be combined to save you money - don't forget we offer free delivery on orders over £99.

cream charges starter packsStarter Packs dispenser

When you order a starter pack you can make a selection for the colour of the whipped cream dispenser (usually red or black) but if you have your heart set on another colour then feel free to contact us to ask what else we might have in stock.

These are good quality dispensers, but not of professional quality - if you think you'll be needing one of our professional "stainless steel" dispensers then you will need to order the charger and the dispenser separately. As long as they are ordered at the same time, they will also be shipped together so you can take advantage of our free next day delivery.

If you're buying a molecular gastronomy set then you might find a starter pack very useful to go along with it, there are plenty of variations on the recipes that you can try with a nitrous whipper.

With all of our starter sets the brand of cream charger will depend upon what we have in stock at the time, but will always be of the highest quality - we will not use cheap chargers in our starter packs because we believe that this is a false economy.

The dispenser that will be delivered with your starter pack includes a selection of nozzles and a cleaning brush. Dispenser bodies are made of durable aluminum and the heads are a metal/plastic composite. They can be disassembled for cleaning (using the brush supplied) and we stock a ranges of spare gaskets, seals and nozzles.

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