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48 Cream Chargers

48 top quality Cream Charger refills containing the highest quality Nitrous Oxide. These are 5 star chargers and there are 48 of them in the box ! Plus each charger contains 8gm of NO2 that works out at 30 stars per gramme - can any other online store offer you such a high calibre of cream charger? Of course not - which is why you have definitely come shopping in the right place. These are extremely high quality cream chargers which have several advantages, notably – they only contain 100% pure nitrous oxide gas and they are full to capacity. Every 8gm charger will contain exactly that amount – they are checked with electronic gauges in the factory to ensure the full amount is pressurised within the canisters – this is equivalent to two litres of gas. The purity is significant because the last thing we want for our customers is to have to endure any unpleasant residues or nasty taste imparted by the gas.

72 Cream Chargers

900 Cream Chargers, Free Delivery (8gm) size Cream chargers - Free delivery on this item. For restaurants, cafes and professional caterers then the use of whipped cream chargers and dispensers will add an extra dimension to the way you serve food and drinks as well as saving you time and money. These are the highest grade of cream charger and should not be compared with cheap chargers which often have impurities that can affect the flavour. With these high quality gas cylinders then each one is pre-filled to the maximum level (8g). Every charger contains enough nitrous oxide to whip half a pint of cream, which will create enough whipped cream for approx. 20 desserts or drinks. It will then only take a few seconds to refill and recharge the dispenser with more cream. The free delivery and free shipping on these cream chargers is only available for weekday orders. A small supplement is charged for Saturday delivery.

96 Nitrous Oxide Cream Chargers

Nitrous Oxide Chargers (cream chargers). Choose your brand, all are standard size and will fit standard whipped cream dispensers. Package of 100.

120 Cream Chargers (8g)

Wholesale Cream Chargers. Free next day delivery. Standard size to fit all dispensers.

144 Cream Chargers (8g)

200X Cream Chargers - 8gm Size 200 8gm cream chargers – all of the finest quality; these are standard fitting and recognized to be of the highest quality – suitable for home or catering use. Disposable, single use 8gm nitrous oxide chargers designed for use with all standard-fitting dispensers. The dispenser whipped is not included with this product but we have a large selection available at creamchargers.org.uk or alternatively consider buying a starter pack which includes both the charger and dispenser.

192 Cream Chargers (8G)

As with all the products sold at Cheeky Monkey Cream Chargers - these are available for immediate dispatch and next day delivery as standard. If you require a delivery on Saturday then select this at the checkout. The quality of these chargers is assured – they ONLY contain 100% pure N2O and every charger contains the FULL amount of gas. They are produced to a high standard and are used by the catering industry. These are standard fitting and will work with all compatible brands of dispenser. Next Day Delivery!

240 Cream Chargers (8g)

600 Cream Chargers available with next day delivery. These nitrous oxide cream chargers are top quality and easy to use. Every canister is pressurized with about two litres of gas – which is enough to make several pints of whipped cream. Cheeky Monkey Cream Chargers dispatches all orders for next day delivery so rest assured if you are in a rush! Standard Size (8gm) to work with all whipped cream dispensers. Available for next day delivery.

600 Cream Chargers (8gm)

600 Cream Chargers available with next day delivery. These nitrous oxide cream chargers are top quality and easy to use. Every canister is pressurized with about two litres of gas – which is enough to make several pints of whipped cream. Standard size and fitting

Combo - Cream Dispenser + 48 Chargers

Whipped cream dispenser and 48 cream chargers

Combo - Dispenser + 96 Chargers

96 Cream Chargers and Cream dispenser The starter packs are designed for convenience and economy – they include everything you need to make whipped cream in a single package. This item contains 96 x 8gm cream chargers and a 0.25L whipped cream dispenser. As with all products at creamchargers.org.uk when you order a starter pack you benefit from our 24 hour delivery guarantee – all orders placed before 117.30 hrs. will arrive the next working day. Saturday delivery is also available (surcharge applies)

Combo - Dispenser + 200 Chargers

Cream Chargers Starter pack – whipper and 200 nitrous refills A cream charger starter pack contains everything you need to get the most out of your whipped cream dispenser. When you purchase a starter pack you can be assured that all of the components are compatible and take advantage of savings in shipping and delivery costs. This starter pack contains 200x 8gm cream chargers and a 0.25L dispenser. The nitrous refills (chargers) are our premium quality brand and the dispenser is available in a choice of colours

Cream Chargers UK. Whipped cream dispensers and discount cream supplies.

Cream Chargers Chocolate Cake
Cream Chargers, the essential element of making whipped cream! They are available in two different sizes – most people find the standard size (8g) convenient, but for bulk whipping then the larger (16g) canisters might be the most suitable.
Don’t forget that you will also need a whipped cream dispenser to use with you cream chargers. All of the dispensers (whippers) sold on creamchargers.org.uk are compatible with our chargers. You will just need to make sure that you’ve bought the correct one to be compatible with either the 8gm or 16gm size of canister.
So, what exactly is a cream charger? They are simply tiny little cylinders of compressed Nitrous Oxide gas. Their most common and obvious use is to make whipped cream. You could of course whip up some cream the normal way but when you use cream chargers then you’ll be getting a lighter and fluffier version of whipped cream. When made using nitrous chargers then expect to get one and a half times the volume of cream you’d normally expect. The effect is fairly instant, simply fill the body and the whipped cream dispenser with cream and pressurize with a charger. Once it has been charged then it can remain for 7-10 days like that until you want your whipped cream. Then, when you need it simply point and squirt!
cream chargers cocktail
Once you have your equipment then you might well want to take it all one stage further. Whipping cream is only the start of it. You could try making some flavoured whipped cream chocolate, lemon, minted – there are numerous possibilities – just add the flavour before you use the charger.
You could also try something even more special – try the trick with the whip, or some espumas , or microwave cake. Nitrous oxide chargers may just open a door into the world of molecular gastronomy for you!
If you are thinking more along the lines of cocktails then perhaps nitrogen cavitation for hi-speed infused alcohol or get started with molecular mixology.   
Go away and explore then come back to The Cheeky Monkey when you need some more supplies!

You may find you need some unusual chemicals to create some of the more ambitious whipped creations and we do stock some of them. If you want to get everything in one go for playing with your new cream chargers then you might consider getting a molecular gastronomy starter kit. There is even a kit made by molecule-r that is specifically designed for the whipped cream chargers (syphon) see it in action here. If all that looks a bit complex then just simple coffee syrup added to whipped cream is worth a go too!

If in any doubt about which cream chargers or dispensers are suitable for you, then don't hesitate to get in touch.
Cream Chargers Espuma

If you are thinking of trying warm foams, which are really simple to make and are an interesting twist on the standard mousse, then you will need to use one of our stainless steel whipped cream dispensers. These are suitable for professional kitchens and work with our standard size (8g) cream chargers. They come with an extended warranty.
The cream chargers can only be used once but the dispensers should give you plenty of service, we even stock spare parts for the things that may eventually fail (seals and gaskets).

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