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16gm Cream Chargers

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16g Cream Whipper

This is a large whipped cream dispenser. It is designed for use with 16gm Cream Chargers. It will not work with the smaller 8gm (standard size) of canister.


As you might expect; a 16gm cream chargers wil hold twice the amount of Nitrou Oxide as its 8gm counterpart.

They MUST be used with a 16gm cream whipper (such as the one sold on this site). If you use a 16gm gas canister with a cream whipper designed for use with the smaller 8gm size, there is a risk of over-pressurizing the system.

Cheeky Monkey Cream Chargers UK is confident that we offer the best discount cream supplies, if you think you can find these chargers cheaper elsewhere in the UK then please contact us and we'll try and beat that price.

So, why would you use a 16gm cream charger? The answer is that these are designed for cafes/restaurants and the service industry where the speed is of the essence. They contain twice the amount of gas and also will whip twice the volume of cream for a single disposable refill. This makes them both efficient and cheap.

Each 16gm refill charger will produce as much as two litres of whipped cream. That might sound like a lot of whiped cream, but don't forget Nitrous Oxide chargers not only whip the cream, but they also improve its shelf-life - once chargers then the cream in your whipper will be good-to-go for 10 days if you keep it in the fridge. That might sound fanciful - but Nitrous Oxide in its guise as E942 has long been used by the food industry as a propellant and preservative (read more)

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